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édesipari, cukrász és gasztronómiai termékek és alapanyagok


Goodwill National Kft csoportkép

Our company was founded in 1996 under the name of Goodwill National Trading Ltd.

As a private family enterprise we are dealing with the imports and wholesale trade of gastronomical, bakery and confectionary goods and ingredients. After the establishment of the company we started to sell cocoa powder and chocolate vermicelli on the Hungarian market. During the years our product range has broadened with a number of new products, such as instant powders for vending machines, chocolate for industrial use, confectionary decorations made of chocolate and sugar. In the beginning only two persons handled the major part of the work, now the company has five employees under the direction of the managing director who is also the part-owner of the company. We have increased our storehouse capacity and configured our own vehicle fleet with two lorries and a lift truck. We operate our business from our warehouse and office which are situated in Budapest, Hungary.

In 2004 the HACCP Quality Assurance System was introduced by us in order to comply with the requirements of the safe trade of food. The history of our company is characterized with continous growth and prosperity and the expension of our customer group.

Guiding principles of Goodwill National Trading Kft.

The activities of Goodwill National Trading Ltd. are performed in accordance with the following principles:
1. Our major aim is to continously sell high quality products up to the highest food hygienic standards to fulfil the needs of our consumers.
2. During our work we respect strict requirements so that our products would meet the regulations of the authorities and the needs of the customers as well.
3. We train our employees regularly in accordance with the above-mentioned guidelines. Our intention is that our employees understand and work according to these principles.

We at Goodwill National Trading Kft. have pledged ourselves to high quality products and high quality service. We hope that the national food- and catering trade, which is professionally world-famous, is more-and-more interested in high quality products, as well-tasted dessert can only be produced of good quality ingredients. And don't forget:

"From good quality ingredients fewer is enough"

Shortly about our products

We have been selling the well known Bensdorp cocoa powder since the establishment of our company. The various types of chocolate of Barry Callebaut, which has a 150 year experience in chocolate production can be found in our product range for 8 years. So you can taste the special flavour and try the easy usability of the chocolate, which is made of high quality cocoa and from traditional procedure. The bakestable chocolate sticks and drops mixed with dough are not only decorative, but also make the cake more enriched and delicious. You can also use their compound coatings for holy-figure production and for coating cakes as well.

We also supply a wide range of vermicelli, pajets, flakes and other colorful decorations of the company Delicia made of chocolate, nougat and sugar. These confectionary decorations you can use in countless variations to decorate cakes, soufflés, ice-creams and coffee specialities more sightly and exclusively. Besides they are also appropriate for ice-cream and muesli production and they are delicious and mellow as well.

In our product range you can also find instant powders for vending machines made by the german company Satro in various flavoures such as chocolate, cappuccino, tea, coffee creamer etc. We would like to contribute to the healty nutrition with caffeine-free and low-calorie drinks.

We are very proud of our youngest product group, the exclusive chocolate decorations of the dutchcompany Luijckx which are made of Callebaut chocolate. From hundreds of their different products we keep chocolate cups, pencils, leaves, christmas and easter decorations on stock.

Further innovations are our diabetic products (dark-, milk-, white chocolate and diabetic marzipan), coloured crispies and crunchy hazel-nut.

For further information we are kindly at your service.