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Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products, and has been dedicated to this business for more than 150 years.

The company offers a wide range of products and services to the whole food manufacturing and gourmet industry, including pastries, confectionaries, bakeries, HORECA, ice cream shops etc. From the cocoa bean to the finished chocolate decorations Barry Callebaut offers a wide selection of chocolate couvertures, fillings, bakestable-, ready-to-use products. Barry Callebaut's premium gourmet brands, like the Belgian Callebaut, the French Cacao Barry or the Swiss Carma, are the founders of the World Chocolate Masters, the only competition in the world solely dedicated to the creative use of chocolate. The Csokoládé Akadémia is exclusively working with the finest chocolate products of Callebaut and Cacao Barry.

You can find more information about products, recipies and so much more on , , web-sites.

The company Capfruit, located in the orchards of south-east France is specialized for the manufacture of high quality fruit products. The company is well-known for its top quality product portfolio among professionals, including pastry, HORECA and ice cream segments. In the Capfruit range Chefs can find a wide range of frozen- and aseptic fruit purees, frozen IQF fruits and fruit decorations. Capfruit is continuously developing new products and searching for the best quality fruits around the world in order to meet the high requirements of professionals.

The company Delicia, located in Tilburg, The Netherlands is specialised for the production of chocolate vermicelli, -pajets, -flakes and chocolate covered products for more than 70 years.

DEMARLE, the creator of the well-known, high quality pastry sheet SILPAT ® and the flexible mould FLEXIPAN ® is the world leader in baking and cooking tools for more than 40 years. DEMARLE implemented special moulds made of fibre glass and silicone with anti-adherent properties for pastry, bakery and catering.

The private family company Dedy GmbH was founded in 1946 and specialized for the manufacture of chocolate machinery and equipment.

Transfer sheets, moulds, colourants, ready to use chocolate decorations and so much more.

Mol d’Art
Company Mol d'Art has 20 years of experience in the chocolate industry and is well known for its high quality chocolate tempering machines and melting containers among chocolate professionals. Chocolate artisans, bigger size chocolate manufacturers can also find the right products for their needs in the offer of Mol d'Art. We are very proud that the Csokoládé Akadémia is fully equipped with Mol d'Art machines, which can be tried by our partners during our courses.

Premium Gastronomie
The producer of the worldwide well known gastronomic brands Cointreau and Griottines

Further partnerships

Bakos Marcipán Kft. - Selmi
Distributor of Selmi automatic tempering machines in Hungary. &

Bulfoni Kft.
Distributor of Carpigiani ice cream machines and Orion ice cream vitrins in Hungary.

Foodpack Kft.
Manufacture and distribution of high quality pastry tools.

Hoge Kft.
Distributor of Electrolux professional kitchen equipment in Hungary.